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"Demands re-listens and offers more on each pass."

- Andrew McNally, Allston PUdding
(on Cosmic Bummer's EP)

"A promising set of 80s-steeped post-punk and darkwave that carries a brooding, shadowy, noirish streak throughout."

- Alex Ruder, KEXP & Hush Hush Records
(on Foxxxy Mulder's Heretic

"A wonderfully constructed album, rich in both texture and depth."

- Kevin Burke, Peek-A-Boo Magazine
(on Foxxxy Mulder's Heretic

David Kumler is a musician, producer, multimedia artist, and academic currently based in Seattle.

Kumler is best known for his work with the post-punk/darkwave duo Foxxxy Mulder, a long-running collaboration with vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kori Hensell. His solo musical endeavors include the electronic/synthwave project Occult A/V and the garage rock project Cosmic Bummer. In the past, Kumler has performed with various groups and under various monikers, including The Lumberjacks, Soul Sisters, and Night Terrors.

Kumler has also produced numerous music videos and album artwork for his various projects. His aesthetic relies heavily on collage and digital manipulation.

Outside of music and art, Kumler holds a PhD in American Literature and Culture and currently teaches at the University of Washington. His research centers on horror, the occult, popular dissent, and racial formation.


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