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When it comes to visual art, Kumler is a dabbler. Inspired by surrealism, collage, and the Situationist practice of détournement, Kumler's work is like a bad splice in reality's fabric (as Victor LaValle might put it). Kumler's work combines digital and multimedia forms, often combining various forms of physical collage with digital manipulation. Kumler's collages and other pieces tend to reflect his fascination with the weird, the mysterious, the cosmic, and the occulted. It may not be much but, from a certain point of view, it's honest work. In addition to static images, Kumler has directed a handful of music videos, many of which also draw heavily on collage and détournement. 

See Kumler's concert posters here.

"this is art, this is art!" he cried in a final, ecstatic ghasp.

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